Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween.......

....can't believe it's the 31st October already this year seems to be just flying by. Kids are back to school tomorrow after half term and it's back to work for me. Had a couple of days in Liverpool this week which was fab...and i resisted the urge to find a bead shop so i was a good girl ;-) Have my first fayre next weekend so I am working like a mad thing to get some more bits and pieces sorted out. The shop is doing good although i am avoiding adding any new stock at the moment.....just in case i get a manic rush before next weekend lol. The fayre is in aid of Help for Heroes so it's a really worthwhile cause and one that means a lot to me personally. I can't wait to get there...I came up with a new necklace last night I was thinking about the latest fad with all things gothic and came up with this....i wanted it to be subtle and not over the top gothic, so no crosses and skulls etc, what do you think. Am going to do a Bracelet to match later today. I love the crystal rondelles the photo doesn't really do it justice as no matter how hard i tried i just couldn't capture the sparkle in them :-( I think that's it for now so will be bbl x

Monday, 25 October 2010

Ring, Ring!!

Monday, half at home....oh no, actually it's been good today, popped out with one of my son's then came home and began making rings, I have been experimenting with some different styles....some I love some I'm not too sure of,  I love making the wire and semi precious chip rings but wanted to do some different styles, what do you think of the results. Am still waiting on some bits to make some more but so far so good. Am also busy packing as I am off to Liverpool for a couple of days...must check to see if there are any bead shops around there ;-) Fingers crossed it gets a little warmer. Must get on orders to finish bbl x

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Sunday, Sunday!!!!

Sunday morning, Partytime!!!! The boy's birthday party is today....time to hide all the beads and bits away from sticky fingers lol. Finally got the miss you Christmas Decoration made ...... I know I have spelt the "you" with a v, didn't have any "u's" lol......promise if anyone orders any I'll spell it right ;-). Am also still busy with orders I get one finished and another comes in....I love Christmas!! Could do with an extra five hours on each day. Ok fun and games, housework beckons.....bbl x

Monday, 18 October 2010

A little bit about nothing really!

Its the start of another week, I am having so much fun with the website I can't seem to think about anything else.....I look at things in the street and wander can i make that into this or this into sure my friends think I'm mad ;-) I have a list of orders to get through in the next couple of days and the personalised Christmas Decorations seem to be going down a storm. I am working on a "Miss You" design at the moment. Will post a picture when I've figured it out. Am heading out for a bit tomorrow and forgetting about beading for a little while as I have to get ready for my Twin's birthday on Wednesday, then housework and then back to the workbench :-D For now though it's bedtime, so will catch you all soon. bbl x

Sunday, 17 October 2010

"The Weekend"

Can't believe the weekend is nearly over already....where has it gone!! Haven't had much time for new beading but got a couple of orders done and dusted so tomorrow I should get chance to work on some new bits. Another busy day ahead...what happened to the chilled out Sundays that I remember so fondly, now it's a mad rush of shopping, housework, uniforms, homework and football, lol. Not that i mind really makes the day's go quicker at the moment. Speaking of rushing need to go ....bbl x

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

New Decorations

I have been so busy lately, I have had a few custom orders to make and I have had a total revamp of the website as well as making the stock for the upcoming Christmas fayre. I have made a couple more decorations for the Christmas Tree, am loving getting into the christmas spirit. They come in Green and Red and are so cute (if I do say so myself ;-) ) Am working on a Christmas Tree Design at the moment. I'll post a picture as soon as it's done. I've been having a go at making a wire snowflake and I have to say i think I will definately stick to beading's not as easy as it looks...I have great admiration for all you wire workers out there!! bbl x

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Busy Busy Busy

I don't know where time is going this week, that's what I get for trying to juggle a business, work and family...the weeks are flying by lol. Still busy on some custom orders but I now have my display for the sale pretty much sorted...thankfully am going to try a mock up at home as soon as everything has arrived.....i wish sometimes I wasn't quite such a perfectionist I give myself headaches worrying sometimes. Am putting an order in at my favourite supplier later I can't wait to get some new beads. As promised I have included a picture of my winter white brooch, it's turned out much nicer than i thought it would, am working on a black one now. bbl x

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Been lazy with my blogging

Ok so I know I promised that I would post everyday...but I have lapsed a bit already....woops. I will try harder, I will try harder.......that shall be my mantra for the week lol. Have been pretty busy this week but not just with the jewellery in fact I don't quite know where this week has gone. Have been working a couple of new ideas, brooches and some elasticated bracelets. Bought lots of bits for my stall display...will post some pictures when I do my rehearsal table. I've had a couple more commissions to do so I feel like I have been neglecting the shop a little will list all the new bits and pieces in the next couple of days.