Saturday, 5 March 2011

My Workspace!!

I've finally got my own workspace, no more being elbowed by the kids or pestered....I can now shut myself away in my own little space. I just need to get a little heater to heat it up a bit as it's in my front porch and is a little chilly....I did buy one today and plugged it in and was greeted by a lot of sparks and will have to return it and try again :-( Roll on the nice sunny weather!!


I'm not normally a huge fan of Gold Jewellery but I love Turquoise and Tigers Eye and they go so well with Gold. I have made up a new Necklace and Bracelet using all three. Gold findings, Tigers Eye rounds and chips and also chips and rounds in Turquoise. I'm really happy with the result. Semi Precious chip beads are amazing the fact that no two pieces are ever exactly the same is makes every piece of jewellery made with them have it's own look. Check out the bracelet here.