Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Forces Themed Gifts..

When my other half was on away deployment last year I found it really difficult to get UK Forces themed gift items. There were loads of items saying I love my Soldier, Navy Mom etc covered in the Stars and Stripes but nothing with Union Jacks for our troops. For the last couple of months I have been doing some research and found vast amounts of Americanised products but hardly anything for the British Forces so as a result I have just opened a cafe press store with UK themed items for sale. One of my favourite slogans so far is "don't mess with me I raised a Soldier" shown on the T-Shirt to the right. I love the kids bits and have already been asked by my kids to get them a t-shirt each...typical with the My Hero slogan. I'll be working on some Navy and RAF themed items over the next few days and will post some pictures on here when they are ready. I have also decided to donate 10% of all profits from the sale of the items to either Help 4 Heroes or The Forces Children Trust...I'm sure most of you will of heard of H4H and the work they do. The Forces Children’s Trust is a charity devoted to helping children whose father or mother has died, or has sustained life threatening injuries whilst serving as a member of the British Armed Forces.
I will also be starting a handmade resin range of forces style gifts in the next few weeks (once my new workspace is up and running).